Tablespoon (US customary)

Tablespoon (US customary) is volume unit, symbol: [tbsp (US)]. Definition of 1 tablespoon (US customary) ≡  1⁄2 US fl oz. The traditional US interpretation of the tablespoon as a unit of volume is 3 teaspoons or half US fluid ounce= 14.78676478125×10−6 m³. Compared to cubic metre, tablespoon (US customary) is smaller unit.

• 1 [tbsp (US)] = (exactly) `1.478676478125*10^-05` [m³]

• 1 [m³] = (exactly) `1/(1.478676478125*10^-05)` [tbsp (US)] = 67628.045403686 [tbsp (US)]


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[tbsp (US)]
=? cubic centimetre
=? millilitre
=? decilitre
=? litre
=? hectolitre
=? cubic foot
=? cubic inch
=? cubic metre
=? gallon (imperial)
=? gallon (US fluid; Wine)
=? ounce (fluid imperial)
=? ounce (fluid US customary)
=? tablespoon (imperial)
=? tablespoon (metric)
=? teaspoon (imperial)
=? teaspoon (metric)
=? teaspoon (US customary)


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A. Thompson and B. N. Taylor. The NIST Guide for the use of International System of Units. United States Government.

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