lambda to peck (US dry) conversion

Conversion number between lambda [λ] and peck (US dry) [pk] is 1.1351037303361 × 10-7. This means, that lambda is smaller unit than peck (US dry).

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If conversion between lambda to cubic-metre and cubic-metre to peck (US dry) is exactly definied, high precision conversion from lambda to peck (US dry) is enabled.

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lambdapeck (US dry)
101.1351037303361 × 10-6
202.2702074606721 × 10-6
303.4053111910082 × 10-6
404.5404149213443 × 10-6
505.6755186516803 × 10-6
606.8106223820164 × 10-6
707.9457261123525 × 10-6
809.0808298426886 × 10-6
901.0215933573025 × 10-5
1001.1351037303361 × 10-5
1101.2486141033697 × 10-5
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Details about lambda and peck (US dry) units:

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Definition of lambda unit: ≡ 1 mm³. Lambda is a legit metric unit of volume equal to = 1×10−9 m³

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peck (US dry)

Definition of peck (US dry) unit: ≡  1⁄4 US lvl bu. US peck is an US customary (and imperial) unit of dry volume equivalent to 2 US dry gallons = 8.80976754172×10−3 m³

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