Point (American, English)

Point (American, English) is length unit, symbol: [pt]. Definition of 1 point (American, English) ≡  1⁄72.272 in . . Compared to metre, point (American, English) is smaller unit.

• 1 [pt] = (exactly) `254/722720` [m] = `3.51450077485056*10^-04` [m]

• 1 [m] = (exactly) `722720/254` [pt] = 2845.3543307087 [pt]


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De Vinne, Theodore Low (1900). The practice of typography: a treatise on the processes of type-making, the point system, the names, sizes, styles and prices of plain printing types 2nd ed. New York: The Century Co. p. 142–150.

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