Pint (US dry)

Pint (US dry) is volume unit, symbol: [pt (US dry)]. Definition of 1 pint (US dry) ≡  1⁄64 bu (US lvl) ≡  1⁄8 gal (US dry). US dry pint is unit of volume equal to one-eighth of an US dry gallon = 550.6104713575×10−6 m³. Compared to cubic metre, pint (US dry) is smaller unit.

• 1 [pt (US dry)] = (exactly) `5.506104713575*10^-04` [m³]

• 1 [m³] = (exactly) `1/(5.506104713575*10^-04)` [pt (US dry)] = 1816.1659685377 [pt (US dry)]


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[pt (US dry)]
=? cubic centimetre
=? millilitre
=? decilitre
=? litre
=? hectolitre
=? cubic foot
=? cubic inch
=? cubic metre
=? gallon (imperial)
=? gallon (US fluid; Wine)
=? ounce (fluid imperial)
=? ounce (fluid US customary)
=? tablespoon (imperial)
=? tablespoon (metric)
=? tablespoon (US customary)
=? teaspoon (imperial)
=? teaspoon (metric)
=? teaspoon (US customary)


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See also: US gallon (dry).

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