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Conversion number between fluid dram (US) [fl dr] and last is 1.2705599741043 × 10-6. This means, that fluid dram (US) is smaller unit than last.

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fluid dram (US)
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fluid dram (US)last
101.2705599741043 × 10-5
202.5411199482086 × 10-5
303.8116799223129 × 10-5
405.0822398964172 × 10-5
506.3527998705215 × 10-5
607.6233598446258 × 10-5
708.89391981873 × 10-5
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fluid dram (US)

Definition of fluid dram (US) unit: ≡  1⁄8 US fl oz. Fluid dram (or Drachm in UK spelling) = US fl oz / 8 = 3.6966911953125×10−6 m³

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Definition of last unit: ≡ 80 bu (imp). The last was a large English unit of volume. It referred to standardized amounts of ships lading and varied by commodity and over time = 2.9094976 m³

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