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Conversion number between jiffy [j] and lustre; lustrum is 1.0569930661255 × 10-10. This means, that jiffy is smaller unit than lustre; lustrum.

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jiffylustre; lustrum
101.0569930661255 × 10-9
202.113986132251 × 10-9
303.1709791983765 × 10-9
404.227972264502 × 10-9
505.2849653306274 × 10-9
606.3419583967529 × 10-9
707.3989514628784 × 10-9
808.4559445290039 × 10-9
909.5129375951294 × 10-9
1001.0569930661255 × 10-8
1101.162692372738 × 10-8
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Details about jiffy and lustre; lustrum units:

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Definition of jiffy unit: ≡  1⁄60 s. Jiffy is an informal term for any unspecified short period of time. Common 1/60 s (alternative 1/100 s)

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lustre; lustrum

Definition of lustre; lustrum unit: ≡ 5 years (of 365 d). A lustre is a period of five years. Its use dates back to Ancient Rome, when a lustrum was a five-year period at the end of which a full census of the Roman population would be carried out. = 5*365*86400 = 157.68 Ms

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