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Conversion number between yards per hour [yph] and speed of light [c] is 8.4725280180331 × 10-13. This means, that yards per hour is smaller unit than speed of light.

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If conversion between yards per hour to metre-per-second and metre-per-second to speed of light is exactly definied, high precision conversion from yards per hour to speed of light is enabled.

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yards per hourspeed of light
108.4725280180331 × 10-12
201.6945056036066 × 10-11
302.5417584054099 × 10-11
403.3890112072132 × 10-11
504.2362640090165 × 10-11
605.0835168108198 × 10-11
705.9307696126231 × 10-11
806.7780224144264 × 10-11
907.6252752162298 × 10-11
1008.4725280180331 × 10-11
1109.3197808198364 × 10-11
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Details about yards per hour and speed of light units:

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yards per hour

Definition of yards per hour unit: ≡ 1 yd / 3600 s = 91.44 cm / 3600 s. The speed with which the body moves 1 yard (or 91.44 centimetres) in 1 hour.

Convert Speed of light to other unit:

speed of light

Definition of speed of light unit: ≡ 299 792 458 m/s. Light velocity (in vacuum) is one of the basic physical constants. Sign c (Latin celeritas = speed). Its value is exactly: 299792458 m/s. Example: electromagnetic waves propagation speed 1 c.

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