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Conversion number between metre per second [m/s] and speed of light [c] is 3.3356409519815 × 10-9. This means, that metre per second is smaller unit than speed of light.

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metre per second
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metre per secondspeed of light
103.3356409519815 × 10-8
206.671281903963 × 10-8
301.0006922855945 × 10-7
401.3342563807926 × 10-7
501.6678204759908 × 10-7
602.0013845711889 × 10-7
702.3349486663871 × 10-7
802.6685127615852 × 10-7
903.0020768567834 × 10-7
1003.3356409519815 × 10-7
1103.6692050471797 × 10-7
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metre per second

Definition of metre per second unit: ≡ 1 m / 1 s. Derived SI unit, although in everyday life km/h or mph is a more common unit. How many metres a body moves in a second. The speed of a walking person is approx. 1.4 m/s.

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speed of light

Definition of speed of light unit: ≡ 299 792 458 m/s. Light velocity (in vacuum) is one of the basic physical constants. Sign c (Latin celeritas = speed). Its value is exactly: 299792458 m/s. Example: electromagnetic waves propagation speed 1 c.

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