inches per day to feet per second conversion

Conversion number between inches per day [ipd] and feet per second [fps] is 9.645061728395 × 10-7. This means, that inches per day is smaller unit than feet per second.

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inches per day
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inches per dayfeet per second
109.645061728395 × 10-6
201.929012345679 × 10-5
302.8935185185185 × 10-5
403.858024691358 × 10-5
504.8225308641975 × 10-5
605.787037037037 × 10-5
706.7515432098765 × 10-5
807.716049382716 × 10-5
908.6805555555555 × 10-5
1009.645061728395 × 10-5
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Details about inches per day and feet per second units:

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inches per day

Definition of inches per day unit: ≡ 1 in / 86400 s = 2.54 cm / 86400 s. The speed with which the body travels 1 inch (or 2.54 centimetres) in 1 day.

Convert Feet per second to other unit:

feet per second

Definition of feet per second unit: ≡ 1 ft / 1 s = 30.48 cm / 1 s. Abbreviation is fps. In America, perhaps this is the second most commonly used speed unit in public life (after miles per hour). Definition: The speed at which the body moves 1 foot (or 30.48 centimetres) in 1 second.

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