Furlong per fortnight

Furlong per fortnight is speed unit, symbol: [fur/fn]. Definition of 1 furlong per fortnight ≡ (mi/8) / 14 days = 201.168 m / (14x86400 s). This is a kind of funny speed unit based on unusual length and time units. Furlong is equal to eighth of mile. Fortnight is 2 weeks time (= 14 days). Two quotients give the fur/fn speed.. Compared to metre per second, furlong per fortnight is smaller unit.

• 1 [fur/fn] = (exactly) `201.168/1209600` [m/s] = `1.66309523809524*10^-04` [m/s]

• 1 [m/s] = (exactly) `1209600/201.168` [fur/fn] = 6012.8847530422 [fur/fn]


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