Dram (apothecary; troy)

Dram (apothecary; troy) is mass unit, symbol: [dr t]. Definition of 1 dram (apothecary; troy) ≡ 60 gr . The dram (alternative British spelling drachm) was originally both a coin and a weight in ancient Greece. = 60 grain = 3.8879346 g. Compared to Kilogram, dram (apothecary; troy) is smaller unit.

• 1 [dr t] = (exactly) `0.0038879346` [kg]

• 1 [kg] = (exactly) `1/(0.0038879346)` [dr t] = 257.20597254902 [dr t]


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[dr t]
=? Milligram
=? Centigram
=? Gram
=? Decagram
=? Kilogram
=? tonne
=? grain
=? ounce (apothecary; troy)
=? ounce (avoirdupois)
=? ounce (US food nutrition labelling)
=? pound (avoirdupois)
=? pound (troy)
=? ton, long
=? ton, short


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