picometre (old: bicron, stigma) to point (American, English) conversion

Conversion number between picometre (old: bicron, stigma) [pm] and point (American, English) [pt] is 2.8453543307087 × 10-9. This means, that picometre (old: bicron, stigma) is smaller unit than point (American, English).

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If conversion between picometre (old: bicron, stigma) to metre and metre to point (American, English) is exactly definied, high precision conversion from picometre (old: bicron, stigma) to point (American, English) is enabled.

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picometre (old: bicron, stigma)
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picometre (old: bicron, stigma)point (American, English)
102.8453543307087 × 10-8
205.6907086614173 × 10-8
308.536062992126 × 10-8
401.1381417322835 × 10-7
501.4226771653543 × 10-7
601.7072125984252 × 10-7
701.9917480314961 × 10-7
802.2762834645669 × 10-7
902.5608188976378 × 10-7
1002.8453543307087 × 10-7
1103.1298897637795 × 10-7
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Details about picometre (old: bicron, stigma) and point (American, English) units:

Convert Picometre (old: bicron, stigma) to other unit:

picometre (old: bicron, stigma)

Definition of picometre (old: bicron, stigma) unit: 10-12 m.

Convert Point (American, English) to other unit:

point (American, English)

Definition of point (American, English) unit: ≡  1⁄72.272 in .

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