mil; thou to chain conversion

Conversion number between mil; thou [mil] and chain [ch] is 1.2626237373737 × 10-6. This means, that mil; thou is smaller unit than chain.

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If conversion between mil; thou to metre and metre to chain is exactly definied, high precision conversion from mil; thou to chain is enabled.

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mil; thou
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mil; thou to chain conversion chart

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mil; thouchain
101.2626237373737 × 10-5
202.5252474747475 × 10-5
303.7878712121212 × 10-5
405.0504949494949 × 10-5
506.3131186868687 × 10-5
607.5757424242424 × 10-5
708.8383661616161 × 10-5
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Details about mil; thou and chain units:

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mil; thou

Definition of mil; thou unit: ≡ 1×10−3 in .

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Definition of chain unit: ≡ 66 ft (US) ≡ 4 rods. (Chain - Gunter's; Surveyor's)

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