link (Gunter's; Surveyor's) to astronomical unit conversion

Conversion number between link (Gunter's; Surveyor's) [lnk] and astronomical unit [AU] is 1.3447250222125 × 10-12. This means, that link (Gunter's; Surveyor's) is smaller unit than astronomical unit.

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If conversion between link (Gunter's; Surveyor's) to metre and metre to astronomical unit is exactly definied, high precision conversion from link (Gunter's; Surveyor's) to astronomical unit is enabled.

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link (Gunter's; Surveyor's)
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link (Gunter's; Surveyor's)astronomical unit
101.3447250222125 × 10-11
202.689450044425 × 10-11
304.0341750666375 × 10-11
405.37890008885 × 10-11
506.7236251110625 × 10-11
608.068350133275 × 10-11
709.4130751554875 × 10-11
801.07578001777 × 10-10
901.2102525199912 × 10-10
1001.3447250222125 × 10-10
1101.4791975244337 × 10-10
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link (Gunter's; Surveyor's)

Definition of link (Gunter's; Surveyor's) unit: ≡  1⁄100 ch ≡ 0.66 ft (US) ≡ 7.92 in .

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astronomical unit

Definition of astronomical unit unit: ≡ 149597870700 m. ≈ Distance from Earth to Sun

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