light-year to foot, metric (long) conversion

Conversion number between light-year [ly] and foot, metric (long) [lmf] is 2.8382191417742 × 10+16. This means, that light-year is bigger unit than foot, metric (long).

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If conversion between light-year to metre and metre to foot, metric (long) is exactly definied, high precision conversion from light-year to foot, metric (long) is enabled.

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light-yearfoot, metric (long)
102.8382191417742 × 10+17
205.6764382835485 × 10+17
308.5146574253227 × 10+17
401.1352876567097 × 10+18
501.4191095708871 × 10+18
601.7029314850645 × 10+18
701.986753399242 × 10+18
802.2705753134194 × 10+18
902.5543972275968 × 10+18
1002.8382191417742 × 10+18
1103.1220410559517 × 10+18
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Details about light-year and foot, metric (long) units:

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Definition of light-year unit: ≡ Distance light travels in vacuum in 365.25 days.

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foot, metric (long)

Definition of foot, metric (long) unit: ≡  1⁄3 m .

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