astronomical unit to point (Didot; European) conversion

Conversion number between astronomical unit [AU] and point (Didot; European) [pt] is 3.97930336062 × 10+14. This means, that astronomical unit is bigger unit than point (Didot; European).

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If conversion between astronomical unit to metre and metre to point (Didot; European) is exactly definied, high precision conversion from astronomical unit to point (Didot; European) is enabled.

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astronomical unit
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astronomical unit to point (Didot; European) conversion chart

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astronomical unitpoint (Didot; European)
103.97930336062 × 10+15
207.95860672124 × 10+15
301.193791008186 × 10+16
401.591721344248 × 10+16
501.98965168031 × 10+16
602.387582016372 × 10+16
702.785512352434 × 10+16
803.183442688496 × 10+16
903.581373024558 × 10+16
1003.97930336062 × 10+16
1104.377233696682 × 10+16
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Details about astronomical unit and point (Didot; European) units:

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astronomical unit

Definition of astronomical unit unit: ≡ 149597870700 m. ≈ Distance from Earth to Sun

Convert Point (Didot; European) to other unit:

point (Didot; European)

Definition of point (Didot; European) unit: ≡  5⁄133 cm . Defined after 1878 as 5/133 cm ≈ 0.00037593985 m

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